What Animals Live In The Amazon Rainforest?


The Amazon Rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world. It covers 40% of the South American continent and can be found within the following countries: Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname as well as in French Guiana, a department of France. Here are some of the Amazon Rainforest’s most interesting animals:

Amazon River Dolphin

The most famous inhabitants of the Amazon River is no other than the Amazon River Dolphin, or Boto, who looks pretty in pink and can grow larger than human size! Their distinct color is said to be due to their blood capillaries being located near the surface of their skin.

Poison Dart Frog

The poison dart frog, contrary to its name, may not be deadly at all, as only 3 species are actually lethal, of which the golden poison arrow frog is the most dangerous. Set aside this possibility, they look vibrant and attractive arriving in a myriad of colors including the aforementioned gold, yellow, red, copper, green, black or blue which they utilize in a tactic to ward off predators called aposematic coloration.

Giant Anteater

As their name implies, this variety of sloths loves to chow down on bugs, including ants. In fact, their tubular snouts and long tongues are especially well-suited for gorging upon insects practically wherever they may be. These creatures carry the “Giant” moniker as they are much larger than other anteaters, reaching over 7 feet in length. Also unique among anteaters and sloths in general, Giant Anteaters prefer to stay out of the trees and stick to the rainforest floor to roam in search of their next insectivorous meal.

Green Iguana

The green iguana is a favorite pet of many people around the world. The Green Iguana is sometimes simply referred to as the Common Iguana or just Iguana. Unlike many of their reptilian cousins, these lizards prefer to eat greens, fruits, forbs, and flowers instead of insects and other animals’ flesh. A large lizard, Green Iguanas may grow to almost 6 feet in length from head to tail.

Glass Frog

As its name implies, the skin of the glass frog is translucent though it is mostly lime green. You can actually see its abdomen, heart, liver, and various other organs if you care to look, as if you have been granted X-Ray vision! Glass frog tadpoles freely flow from the trees and fall directly into the water upon hatching.

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