El Kraken

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 😍  El Kraken es una especie de pulpo gigante. 😑   The Kraken was a prehistoric animal.  😂   He could eat: Fishes and some times he could eat squid and he could eaven destroy giant boats he would eat people in the ships.

As we´ve seen people before thought  that the Kraken was just a legend but until then there have been people saing that it exists!!!!!!!!!!!

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And there have been many films of the Kraken like: release the kraken, the Kraken…

This animal still exists, but many people think that there Kraken is dead, scientists say that the Kraken is  alive.!!😯🙀

Here is a video of  the Kraken.



The Kraken is a giant octopus

It has got 8 tenticuls. And he used he´s tenticul to atack.

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😄 As everyone noes  that the kraken(in this days that the scientifcs are    😅  45% of that the kraken is dead) but in 1004 is the date of the first day 🤣 that they have found all about the kraken  then in 1020 the kraken        😂  got    ! extinct ¡ because people or hunters hunted the 3 kraken´s that   there were left so until then no one saw the kraken ever ever again .